Good question, but before we get into detail, you need to know that the site is made up of two areas!

Firstly, The Shop Floor. Here you’ll find a beautiful and ever evolving collection of New, Vintage and Handmade things to own under the SHOPHOME & LIFE tab. You’ll also find everything you need to know about the site, about our background and then in the HOME AND LIFE BLOG there’ll be interviews and video, DIY tips, brand profiles, creative information, styling direction and much more. It’ll be a lot of fun! Oh, and if you click on the Australia Icon you might just find a little surprise…

And secondly, The Locked Room! This is the secret garden of Archer and Archer. In here you’ll find weekly limited product releases, collaborations, short runs, one offs, curated offers, and more, maybe even a sale or two! We’ll be refreshing The Locked Room a lot so it will ALWAYS have something worth knowing about. If you want to know why our customers smile so wide, then you should join The Locked Room.

Becoming a member makes it really easy for you to have control, to know what’s going on and to choose what you want to be a part of. You’ll get an email outlining what’s coming up in the days ahead, and it’s how we’ll announce secret sales and limited activity directly to you.

We are so appreciative of your interest in what we do, and becoming a member allows us to thank you directly in so many ways!

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