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    If you’ve wondered where on earth we’ve been hiding, here’s your answer (s)! Having little kids is NO JOKE, it’s kept us more than just busy, and as a result this beautiful website has taken a bit of a backseat. We’re going to get everything back up and firing sometime soon, but for now, we’re just keeping busy on our social pages. Come and see us on facebook right here, or find us on Instagram @archerandarcher12289758_988871571177241_2502295879449465869_n12719082_1033798276684570_1475198700299292168_o

    Antique Bohning Vanes

    Simple and beautiful shapes, in gorgeous colour, taking on a form they weren’t intended for, but intentionally have become.

    Antique Bohning Vanes never looked so good!

    bohning vanes

    into evergreen #3 – to live forever; “fowlers in a box”

    Sometimes the way you find something is actually more exciting than the find itself. Take this crate of antique Fowlers preserving Jars as an example, bought from an estate about a year ago, absolutely gorgeous in their found form! Now we can open them up and have a proper look! Fowlers in a Box!

    fowlers jar fowlers jar

    A unique and wonderful sneak peek

    Tonights sale on our Facebook Page is going to be a good one! If you’re intrigued to know what’s coming up, check out the ultimate sneak peek below! If you’re thinking something might just need to be yours, come and see what we’ve got at 8pm Qld time, right here!

    accoson blood pressure akubra box brass deer head brown train case cane bassinet fiberco laundrypak ladder5 leather suitcase mirror moon picture one straw revolution book raaf poster social anthropology book tooled leather handbag two stroke motorcycle book vintage ice cream tin vintage rabbit mold velox-coffee-machine

    into evergreen – diary of loss

    Into Evergreen #2 / to live forever; “Diary of Loss and Sickness”

    Found: Murwillumbah / November 2014


    into evergreen – braille cassette

    Into Evergreen #1 / to live forever; “Selected New Audio and Braille Titles added to the Library’s Collection.

    Found; Murwillumbah / November 2014

    tape-side-A tape-side-B

    The best house ever?

    One of the BEST things about what we do is the fact that we get to hunt through peoples houses for treasure. No joke, it’s exactly that! We tread lightly, with total respect, we move things gently, put things back that we can’t use, we ask questions, chat, drink tea and eat biscuits, we respect the people we buy from because they’ve welcomed us into their lives and homes, and are offering us the opportunity to buy things that have been treasured by someone that is no longer physically here. These things carry memories and stories that most likely can’t be told.

    We get parts of stories, some idea of where things were bought or acquired, but more often than not we don’t get to find out exactly what no one will ever find out for sure, the truth! This bag came from a house just 10 doors up from our own and we know nothing about it! We got a call from a guy that was having a garage sale on the weekend, a friend of a friends friend who had been given our details. He said the usual things: “there’s probably nothing here, come and have a look anyway”, and of course, we said: “be there in 5!”

    Was this the best house ever? Maybe. Turns out the house had been left to this guy, it was his great uncles, who was an eccentric who walked the beach enjoying the time he had off from touring as a musician. He collected amazing things from the beaches of Kirra, fishing floats and stuff, and it turns out he had amazing taste in decor and accessories. This bag sat dusty in the bottom of a walk in wardrobe, he knew nothing about it, not a thing.

    We bought 8 or 10 of the most amazing things we’ve ever bought, including this bag, (which we doubt will ever be for sale)!

    Thank you previous owner, for passing this down to us, we love it!

    weekend_bagweekend_bag_2 weekend_bag_3

    Oh My Goodness!

    We made this little graphic to celebrate the launch of this very website you’re on now! oh_my_goodness


    It was a momentous moment that called for a good old fashioned OMG!


    We thought it would be a nice way to stir up some creative whirlwinds and maybe meet some new people.

    The #7vignettes concept is hosted by Jen Bishop at The Interiors Addict and it’s super fun. Explore the hashtag #7vignettes on your Instagram to see what’s being put together by people. Pretty amazing actually!

    Basically the way it works is this: each day has a ‘brief’ and then you go off and create a photo to that brief. Day 1 was Yellow, Day 2 was Forever Summer and so on…

    Here’s what we created, for fun only…


    Good times, you should give it a go!

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