We don’t just claim to put our customers first, we DO put our customers first.

We know how hard it is to earn money and we’re customers too, we value nothing more than honesty and authenticity, good service and a genuine feeling of appreciation when we’re shopping. We’ve always prided ourselves on being very customer centric, to us you are absolutely EVERYTHING and always will be. Thank you for being the spring in our step!

We’ve been so lucky to have built some wonderful relationships with our customers over the years, and we hope to build MANY MANY more, if you’d like to be on our testimonials page, please send us an email to info@archerandarcher.com – we’d be blown away to hear from you.

And now, here’s a word from our sponsors, I mean, our customers…

Mem R of Tasmemia says: “I love the uniqueness of A&A, from the products they toil so hard to source for their customers, to the dynamite duo that started it all. A&A is more than a business—it’s kinda like a family. A family you pay money to in exchange for them doing the grunt work in making your home a beautiful place. Every person to visit my place comments on my styling, and I largely have A&A to thank for a lot of the contributing pieces. But please don’t tell too many more people about how wonderful this company is, because Tuesday and Thursday nights are already too stressful as it is. Just kidding. (I’m not kidding.)”

Trace P of Victoria says: “It feels like a privilege to be a customer of Archer and Archer. To be able to purchase such amazing items, that are photographed, written about, sold and then packaged with care. You guys obviously do what do you love. And it shows. So many positive experiences, so many epic pieces – not one hassle, not one broken item. Thank you and I look forward to many more purchases from you in the future.”

Kelly C of Wonglepong Qld says: It started with an idea to style my own Wedding and a little brown Suitcase that a friend shared with me. A love of yesterday, history and storytelling brought me to the unique family of Archer and Archer, where it wasn’t just an on line purchase, it was like connecting with family. Each fabulous piece will tell a story, take you to some exotic place or rekindle fabulous memories whether you are lucky enough to purchase it or share your stories in the Archer community. There are very few things I will purchase on line, but every time I receive my little packages tied up with string – they are truly “a few of my favourite things” …… Its not just a sale – it’s an experience!