Prices, Payment and GST

All prices displayed on our web site are in Australian dollars and include GST. All payments are processed in Australian dollars. We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, bank deposit and PayPal.

All prices at Archer and Archer are at supplier/service provider/manufacturer’s recommended retail price (RRP) or, where RRP is unavailable, the price is set by Archer and Archer at an estimate of the market price. Suppliers frequently change recommended retail prices, without prior notification, and Archer & Archer PTY LTD reserves the right to adjust its pricing in a similar fashion without prior notification.

Payment security

We recognize that protection and safety of information relating to your credit card is very important. Therefore, we provide you with a very safe and stress-free online shopping experience.

We use industry standard encryption to keep your personal information secure throughout the payment process. We do not store your credit card or bank information. We will not be liable for any damages or losses (whether direct or indirect) caused if a member’s card is used fraudulently.

We use the highest strength Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL ) encryption to transmit your personal and credit card details. This means absolute security and privacy. SSL is a sophisticated method of scrambling data as it travels from your computer to our website servers.

We do not store your credit card details at any time so consumer confidence and satisfaction is assured.