We’ve tried really hard to make this whole thing function really simply!

Here’s how it works:

Basically there are two parts to archerandarcher.com! The first is ‘SHOP HOME & LIFE’, that’s where almost everything is! You’ll see it in the top navigation menu, it’s got a drop down menu that you can click on to show specific categories and go directly into them.

To the right of that, still up in the top menu, like some sort of badly hidden secret, is THE LOCKED ROOM! This is something we call “the secret garden of Archer & Archer”. In a nutshell, this is where special releases, collections, collaborations, discount sales, and probably other stuff will happen. We’re planning to have something happen in The Locked Room multiple times each week, so it’s worth knowing about! We wanted to create a little spot that’s even more special. To get in you’ll have to sign up, or sign in and we promise it’ll be worth it!

Once you’re in to either ‘SHOP HOME & LIFE’ or ‘THE LOCKED ROOM’ you can just wander through and fall madly in love with gifts for yourself, your home or those closest to you! Add things to your cart, have your shipping calculated automatically and receive confirmation of your order immediately! We’ve really tried to make it easy and painless from start to finish, so please let us know if you have any issues!

One IMPORTANT thing to know is this; if you add an item that is a unique limited piece or only have 1 unit in stock, you’ll have 15 minutes to finish up and check out. Anyone that views that item after you’ve added it to cart will see a message with the timer ’15minutes’ inside instead of the ADD TO BAG button and it’ll be timing down (refresh your browser to see timer counting down), if you let the time run out they’ll be able to add it to their cart and you’ll see that it is gone from yours when you reach the checkout. We’ve done this to make sure that items can’t be added to cart and thought about for days on end, it makes it much more fair for everyone!

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