I guess we’re not sure exactly what an ‘about us’ should contain, so how about I just tap some keys and see what comes out.

I’m on a plane, I really am, somewhere in the sky on my way to Sydney. Sarah is at home with our little girl Minnie, and Sammy, our photographer, is busy shooting next weeks collection. We’re a stupidly busy family, one that believes in seeing the lighter side of life, enjoying what we have and are usually trying to maintain our health.

We’ve always been really driven, and creative, we’re not big on partying, but we admit to a few bad-snack binges. We’ve been married almost a decade, we’re lucky to have found each other. Minnie is a little firecracker with a big personality, she was born on the 24th of May, which used to be Cracker Night in Australia if that gives you anything to benchmark her against.

Sammy is our friend, our first long term employee and the one that makes what we do look as beautiful as it does. She’s intricately passionate about how things look, is fiercely self motivated and is a truly wonderful person to have around.

Before A&A existed our lives were very different, Sarah was a signed singer/songwriter who travelled all over the world working, before that she was a garment designer and before that a model. Forever creative and driven, with a definitive eye for unique and meticulously considered products. We met at the coffee van at Billabong over 11 years ago. I was the Marketing Director for Element. one of the world’s biggest youth lifestyle brands, which was fun. My passions are with skateboarding, art, furniture and objects. Back when I had spare time I had a secret life as an artist, and was named one of the 12 best emerging artists in 2011 and published commercial illustrations with a list of well known brands.

While we felt like we were on the path we should be, this other little fire was gathering momentum. It was a combustion of things that Sarah and I SHARED a love for, specifically; interiors, furniture, home accessories and spaces in general. So in mid 2011, when we returned from some art and music commitments in Sydney, we decided to start building Archer & Archer together.

Our love for a well curated, beautifully presented, ever changing spread of things for home and life was exactly what we had in mind. It had to be a fun experience, not high brow in the slightest! We started with an offering of vintage things that we had sourced over many years,with a longer term plan of broadening into newly produced items. Put simply, no matter whether it’s old, new or in between, if it’s beautiful, unique, creative, has a story to be told, is born from passion and is something that we personally love, then we will offer it to you!

If we were asked to sum up our whole thing, we’d say something like this:

Archer & Archer is an intersection for people to enjoy, to be inspired, to learn, to interact and of course to buy things. Things that are unique, beautiful, thought provoking and gift inclined, not just gifts for others but for you and your home. Every single thing comes with a sincere and smiling appreciation from us because we truly are thankful to make some sort of a mark on this world, and we know from the bottom of our heart that we can’t do ANY of it without you.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful life.

With love,
Sarah & Troy